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Choosing your ring size

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Measuring for your Ring Size.

If possible this should be done at a jewellers but if this is not possible the following method may be used.

Ring size strip

You can use a finger size strip to wrap around your finger to get the correct measurement. if you

don't have one, then measure as follows:

1.Using a piece of string or strip of paper (no wider than 1/4 inch), wrap it around your finger, make

sure it is tight enough but comfortable. Best time to measure is when

2.Mark the point where the two ends meet - this gives you the circumference of your finger.

Measure this against a ruler in mm. You now have the circumference of your finger.

3.Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger.

4.Use the diameter measurement to get your finger size using the International Ring Size Conversion

chart attached.

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